Madhatter Inspired Easter Feast

By Amy Cole

If Alice in Wonderland and the Easter Bunny had a dinner party, this brightly colored spread would be it! It's a whimsical feast that is almost too beautiful to eat. But who are we kidding? You'll be asking for seconds before your plate is even cleared.

Check out all of the amazing dishes below.

Garlic Herb Marinade with Lamb Chops

This bone broth marinade is versatile and delicious. It is perfect to combat the sometimes gamy lamb taste. This marinade also scales easily so the more meat you have just scale up! Using ¼ C per pound is a good rule to follow!


Herbed Deviled Eggs

Looking for a fresh take on traditional deviled eggs? These herbed deviled eggs have delightful spring flavors in every single bite!


Herban Beet Yogurt Dip

This dip is for all my beet lovers out there. The earthy beet ribbons are deliciously complimented by the tangy yogurt and herbs; the decadent walnuts are sweet and nutty and crunch - yum yum yum!


Showstopping Asparagus Braised in Bone Broth

Bacon, spring peas, fresh asparagus, grated parmesan cheese - this dish is so tasty you won’t believe it. But the real secret? Steaming the asparagus in bone broth to soak up the flavor.

Savory Spring Tomato Tarte

Savory tartes are an absolute favorite of mine and the perfect addition to your Easter table. Since tomatoes are technically a fruit, this is still a fruit tarte but it is savory and delicious and will be a recipe you will make again and again!

Glazed Rainbow Carrots

Nothing adds more color and spring texture to a table than rainbow carrots! The slightly sweet glaze is the perfect companion to the carrots and beautifully compliments their natural flavor!