Caldo de Pollo con Nopalito

Classic Caldo de Pollo, or chicken soup, is a staple for many people in south Texas! 

We love it because we make it with our summer seasonal, Nopalito! With nopal cactus, habanero pepper and cilantro, it makes the perfect base for a yummy soup.

It's a humble, simple and delicious soup. Full of tender chicken, hearty vegetables and a rich, luxurious broth. When we first made Nopalito, we immediately knew that it would make the perfect base for a Caldo de Pollo.

Not only is this soup delicious but its' star ingredients boast a ton of health benefits:

The Capsaicin in the habanero also increases thermogenesis, which helps boost your metabolism and the rate you burn calories! Cilantro contains a compound called Dodecanal, which has been proven to be twice as effective as antibiotics, and is also used to detox heavy metals. Talk about beneficial!

We hope you love this soup as much as we do! It's super easy, can be made ahead of time and is a crowd pleaser. 

Note: If our summer seasonal Nopalito is not available, swap Nopalito for Spring Clean.