Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth - Bouquet Garni - 4 Jars
Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth - Bouquet Garni - 4 Jars
Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth - Bouquet Garni - 4 Jars
Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth - Bouquet Garni - 4 Jars
Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth - Bouquet Garni - 4 Jars
14 fl oz, 4-count

Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth - Bouquet Garni - 4 Jars


14oz jar provides 1-3 servings, depending on how much broth you like to sip! We recommend starting with 5-7 oz and working your way up from there.

Grab yourself a sous-chef in a jar with this fresh combination of sage, rosemary and thyme. The secret to successful entertaining, with health benefits to boot. It’s an incredible addition to any meal, whether you sip it straight or include it in a recipe.

Sold in packs of 4 - trust us, you’ll go through it faster than you think!

“Bouquet Garni is magic in a jar to add to recipes. I used it today with a ground beef skillet hash-type of recipe. I’m on an Autoimmune Protocol Diet, and Bouquet Garni is such a wonderful way to add flavor and moisture to a dish.” -Barbara R.


INGREDIENTS: Water, Free-Range Poultry (*Chicken Feet, *Backs, *Necks), *Carrots, *Shallots, *Lemon Juice, *Celery, Ancient Sea Salt, *Sage ,*Thyme, *Rosemary. *Denotes Organic Ingredients.

A note on our sourcing: we only use certified organic, pasture-raised bones and organic herbs and veggies - no hormones, GMOs, added sugar, antibiotics or yucky preservatives. From brew to jar, we also utilize a 100% plastic-free process, and all of our broths are shelf-stable!


BeautifyingDigestive SupportCognitive Support

FOND's Regenerative Bone Broth

Verified Regenerative

All of our bones come from verified regenerative farms where the animals are free to roam in the pastures. Our chickens are 100% pasture-raised, our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, and both are 100% organic.

Fresh Herbs & Veggies

Our bone broth tonics are made with organic, fresh herbs and vegetables.

Traditionally Made

Our bone broth tonics are simmered for 18+ hours, then infused with fresh herbs and botanicals for quality that you can taste.

Our Promise

FOND Bone Broth has two passions: healing people and pastures. We accomplish this in two ways, first through sustainability (from packing to sourcing), and second by using only the highest-quality ingredients. By building direct relationships with regenerative farms and sourcing every ingredient with nutrient-density in mind, we can promise you a bone broth that’s truly as delicious as it is good for you! FOND Bone Broth is truly unlike anything else on the market.


Each jar of bone broth supports our partner farms. Our ingredients are hand-picked for flavor and always organic.







How we add Bouquet Garni to our favorite dishes:

Bone Broth Gravy with Bouquet Garni

Our seasonal turkey bone broth Bouquet Garni is the perfect gravy to choose for your Thanksgiving meal.  In this recipe, we're using Xanthan Gum to thicken the gravy. It's a wonderful ingredient to use in place of a traditional roux (flour and butter) to thicken sauces and soups with. You're saving on carbs, calories and creating a gluten-free sauce that the entire family can enjoy. 

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April B.
United States United States

Favorite Broth

I have tried several brands of bone broth and I also make my own. This is my favorite broth I have tried. Customer service is great too.

LluAnn B.
United States United States

Fond Bone Broth Heals The Gut

I have tried four of the chicken bone broths and I love them all. I use them to clear up my GI issues. For my breakfast I sip 1/2 jar of Fond Bone broth and I have no issues getting out of the house on time. If I know I won't be able to eat until lunch I will put the warm broth in a thermos and sip it all morning. It's delicious. Savory. Even in the hot summer months it's wonderful for breakfast.

Cynthia B.
United States United States

vegetarian does bone broth for health benefits

It's really good even for a vegetarian. A bit hard for me at first but it tastes good really and I need as I battle a stomach issue. Seems like a really great product!!

Katherine S.
United States United States

Best tasting bone broth I've found

I drink bone broth to keep my white blood cell counts up due to medication that lowers my immune system function. Most bone broth I just can't drink straight and have to add to soups, but this one is delicious, warmed up, on it's own. To me, the Bouquet Garni tastes like Thanksgiving dinner! I've also found that drinking a jar in the morning, instead of a normal breakfast, helps keep me full until lunch time and also extends my overnight fast. Highly recommend trying it!!

FOND Bone Broth Tonics Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth - Bouquet Garni - 4 Jars Review
Elizabeth B.
United States United States

Best bone broth on the market with fabulous customer service

I am addicted to this bone broth. I drink it every day and after dealing with significant GI issues, nausea, fatigue, inflammation and bloat, sometimes this is the only thing that gets me back to feeling good! The taste is amazing and I love that it’s just as good (if not better) than homemade. It’s more than just a broth to sip on, it’s medicine in the best form.