Specialty Mixed Pack

Specialty Mixed Pack

From grass fed lamb to our beef bone broth flavors, this is an invite only page for customers to shop our speciality bone broth collection!

Cherise - Grass-fed Lamb bone broth with cherry and cumin 

  • Cherise means "dear one" or "darling" and that is just how we feel about this limited release grass fed lamb bone broth! 
  • Grass-fed lamb, sour cherry and warm cumin combine to create a delicacy that highlights the flavor of the lamb without a hit of gamey flavor! This limited edition bone broth is sure to be the darling of your winter recipes!

Firstaide - Grass-fed Beef bone broth with herbs, garlic and lemon 

  • This classic Beef bone broth is everything you want from a beef bone broth. Deliciously savory, sippable and comforting with all the benefits of beef bone broth (you're natural botox!). 

Stressless - Grass-fed Beef bone broth with star anise, cinnamon and shallots

  • Our nod to the traditional beef pho, this bone broth is deliciously warming with calming notes from the star anise and cinnamon. 
  • Use to make an easy Pho at home or use as a base for egg drop soup!

Ginger Cleanse - Grass-fed Beef bone broth with ginger, cayenne and lemon

  • If you're looking for a fat buster this bone broth has everything you need! Spicy cayenne, delicious ginger combine to create a robust profile that is delicious in every sip. 
  • Sip 5oz every morning or use as a base for broccoli beef, pad thai, asian short ribs, anything calling for ginger flavor.