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The FOND Bone Broth Story

A Word From Our Founder

Bone broth had a significant impact on my health when I needed it most. As a young mom, I found myself needing emergency surgery and fearing for my life - all from digestive issues! I decided to make a life-changing choice by INVESTING in my wellness from the inside out.

Bone broth has a rich history that dates back thousands of years and spans cultural divides - but it is MISSING from most of our lives! When I started touting the benefits of bone broth I heard two responses; it was gross to make and it didn’t even taste good! It was then I realized my calling and it has been a wild ride.

People rave that our bone broth is the best they’ve ever tasted. I LOVE showing people just how GOOD good-for-you can taste. Just read the reviews!

Handcrafted For Sipping, Delicious In Your Cooking!

Brewed like a beer, infused like a tea, sipped like espresso, our bone broth tonics are the surest way to level-up the flavor in ANY meal. Just replace water with bone broth in any recipe and you'll be so FOND of the amazing flavor! 

From marinades to soup and even cocktails, we LOVE seeing the creations our customers make. Our Carnivore, Keto, Paleo, Weston A. Price, GAPS Diet, and AIP friendly bone broth line allows for a seamless addition into any recipe. Just check out our recipes for inspiration. 

A Firm FONDation

FOND means foundation or base in French. Bone broth is the FOUNDATION of your culinary and nutritional lives. When creating our bone broth, we knew we needed to make a product that was one we would be PROUD to feed to our family - toddlers included. Formulated in our kitchen and now made shelf-stable through a gentle pressurized process, our customers can taste AND see the difference. Packaged in glass with custom illustrations from an Austin, Texas artisan, our eco-conscious packaging is something customers can feel good about using.

Our bone broth is super gelatinous and 100% free of gluten, sugar, carbs, and fats - all third party verified. Our bone broth has around 20 grams of protein per jar and is full of trace minerals you’ll be hard pressed to find in any other food.

We only source from verified regenerative farms where animals are never given synthetic hormones and are never fed any GMO supplemental feed. They graze their entire lives on pastures, free from pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers.

Regenerative agriculture goes beyond organic farming, pasture-raised, and cage-free and adds conservation and rehabilitation of existing lands to create a healthier ecosystem as well as healthier animals and more nutrient-dense food.


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