What makes our bone broththe best you’ve ever tasted?Three decisions we make every day!


Wellness Well Made

Healthier birds make healthier broth! Raised in the sunshine and free to forage, we exclusively use organic chickens in our bone broth from farms we’ve actually visited!

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Infusions For Flavor

Developed for our family first, ALL of our bone broths are toddler approved! You heard us, this bone broth is actually delicious. It's all part of our mission to make sure "good for you" tastes good too!

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The Best Ingredients

From nopales to turmeric root, from fennel fronds to apple cider vinegar, we source like a small plates Chef! In addition to using the best tasting produce and spices available we ONLY use organic, non GMO ingredients in our bone broth.

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The Fond Story

Our mission is to inspire families to nourishing and delicious eating opportunities.

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From rices to stews, soups to salad dressings, learn how to use your Sous Chef in a jar!

Bone Apétit

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