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FOND's Regenerative Pregnancy & Postpartum Bone Broth Bundle - 12 Jars


Proper nutrition is so crucial in all stages of conception, pregnancy, and postpartum and FOND's Pregnancy and Postpartum bundle takes all the guesswork out of choosing the right bone broth.



This bundle contains the three chicken bone broths our founder and CEO, Alysa Seeland, a mother to six boys, reaches for daily during her pregnancies as well as during postpartum. 



Why we love bone broth through all stages of pregnancy:
  • Keeps morning sickness at bay
  • Helps reach protein goal
  • Electrolytes and potassium to keep cramps away
  • Amino acids that help balance blood sugar and promote healthy sleep
  • Collagen for my hair, skin, teeth, and nails
  • Keeps my gut happy and gut flora in check

This 12-jar bundle includes:

  • 4 jars of our Turmeric & Black Pepper chicken bone broth
  • 4 jars of Lemon & Garlic chicken bone broth
  • 4 jars of Fennel & Bay leaf chicken bone broth

FREE Shipping on 8 jars or more!

Verified Regenerative

Our Promise

FOND Bone Broth has two passions: healing people and pastures. We accomplish this in two ways, first through sustainability (from packing to sourcing), and second by using only the highest-quality ingredients. By building direct relationships with regenerative farms and sourcing every ingredient with nutrient-density in mind, we can promise you a bone broth that’s truly as delicious as it is good for you! FOND Bone Broth is truly unlike anything else on the market.


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