Youth Tonic
Youth Tonic
Youth Tonic
Youth Tonic
14oz Jar

Youth Tonic

"This one is my favorite by far! It makes me feel good, satisfied, comforted - all the things I was afraid I’d miss with a GAPs diet!" -Melissa R.

Youth Tonic is by far the customer darling! Made with all organic ingredients we infused our free range organic certified bone broth with shiitake, shallot, and sage. No hormones, GMOs, sugars, antibiotics or yucky preservatives. It is shelf stable, deliciously savory and robust! 



BeautifyingImmunity BoostingDigestive SupportCognitive Support


Each jar of bone broth supports local Texas farms







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Abigail M.
United States United States
Best broth ever!!!!

There is no better broth than Fond! We drink this broth every night and have never been healthier. Amazing taste and results.

I love this bone broth!

I can not get enough of this broth! It is simply amazing. I add a little bit of dried onion, chives & butter for a fuller flavor to last me longer. I’m doing a bone broth fast and this is my Go To product. I haven’t tried any better! Now I’m signed up for auto delivery to my front door! No need to go to the store! Love this one. It’s amazing!!!

Eliana M.
Amazing product

I want to start off by saying I very rarely leave a review because 9 times out of 10 I don’t notice any changes when I try a new product. This however was not the case with Fond! I’ve started telling everyone I know about this broth! I started drinking this broth every morning for the past 4 days. I’m quite small weighing 127 lbs however due to having lupus, fibromyalgia, and some other health issues I have always struggled with swelling. My ankles in particular have always been swollen. This morning I noticed that for the first time in a very long time the swelling was gone. I haven’t changed anything in my routine other than replacing breakfast with this broth so I am 100 percent sure that this is because of the broth. I also really like the youth tonic. I have yet to try other flavors other than conductor but I’m looking forward to trying all the flavors!!

Monica A.
Thank you FOND for being here for us when we need you the most!

During our quarantine over the past three weeks, having FOND delivered to our doorstep and sipping warm broth has been a great comfort to our family. We have autoimmune and gastrointestinal ssues in our family as well as also the normal aches and pains of being very active in our 50s, so we started drinking bone broth for our health 8 years ago. Back then I made it every week so four of us could have at least a half a cup every day. What wonderful results in our joints and overall lowered inflammation and general health. Now thank goodness we have an incredibly delicious and equally nutritious alternative to making our own bone broth in Fond! We have a subscription for a case every week and we leave it at room temp so we can just drink it straight from the jar if we want. My 16 year old son often asks "can I just drink the whole jar?" YES! I love not having to order every week but it's also very easy to "manage" the subscription and order different kinds or cancel for a week. Thank you FOND for being here for us when we need you the most!


I can.not. get enough of the youth tonic. It's sooooo good. My body craves it. I've tried other brands & nothing even comes close to Fond Bone Broth!