Liquid Light (Chicken)
Liquid Light (Chicken)
Liquid Light (Chicken)
Liquid Light (Chicken)
14oz Jar

Liquid Light (Chicken)



"I suffer from an Autoimmune disease, and the Liquid Light turmeric flavor eased my joint flares overnight. I woke up in absolute amazement. FOND is nourishing AND delicious." -Gretchen R. 

14oz jar provides 1-3 servings, depending on how much broth you like to sip! We recommend starting with 5-7 oz and working your way up from there. 

With it’s earthy-sweet taste, turmeric is the perfect anti-inflammatory addition to this bone broth tonic. We’ve paired it with freshly cracked pepper, fresh thyme and lemon to up the ante. Liquid Light is the epitome of good-tasting and good-for-you. It’s even low FODMAP-friendly if you consume 1/2 the jar. 

We suggest drinking this flavor with MCT oil or grass-fed butter, or using it for any recipe that calls for oregano, cream, and garlic. Bon appetit!



INGREDIENTS: Water, Free-Range Poultry (*Chicken Feet, *Backs, *Necks), *Carrots, *Turmeric Root, *Celery, *Lemon Juice, Ancient Sea Salt, *Thyme, *Turmeric Root Powder, *Cracked Pepper. *Denotes Organic Ingredients.

A note on our sourcing: we only use certified organic, pasture-raised bones and organic herbs and veggies - no hormones, GMOs, added sugar, antibiotics or yucky preservatives. From brew to jar, we also utilize a 100% plastic-free process, and all of our broths are shelf-stable!


Anti-InflammatoryCognitive SupportDigestive Support


Each jar of bone broth supports our partner farms. Our ingredients are hand-picked for flavor and always organic.
Black Pepper

Black Pepper






How we add Liquid Light into our favorite dishes:

Liquid Light Butter Chicken

Indian food is one of our favorite cuisines, and so we had to make this delicious Butter Chicken using our beloved Liquid Light! Liquid Light is a powerful combination of fresh turmeric root and powdered turmeric, cracked pepper and thyme.  This flavor provides a wonderful base, and color enhancement to this vibrant dish. And, with the amazing anti-inflammatory benefits that turmeric offers, we think this dish is a well rounded home run. 

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Paige K.
United States

Best bone broth ever!

This is so delicious. I had tried other big name bone broths before and they were good but Fond bone broth blows them outta the park! Plus it’s way easier to deal with a product that isn’t frozen and can sit in my pantry ready to go. Unlike others which need to be thawed from the freezer and consumed within 7 days or less.

Kelley O.
United States United States


Perfection !

Tara G.
United States United States

Finally, a bone broth that is not just good, but that I crave!

I have tried and failed to make my own bone broth, and injuries have also made doing so difficult. I have tried to find bone broth that has a taste I can stomach, but had never found one. I was at the market one day, and saw the Liquid Light broth (chicken base). I gave it a chance, and bought a jar. Oh, wow. It is delicious! A little bit of tang from lemon, the healing of turmeric, and a lovely broth that is great just to heat and sip, and is a wonderful addition to sauteed vegetables and brown rice, or as base for a heartier soup or puree. Last night, after a dental procedure, I used some Liquid Light, a little bit of plain water, and a whole cooked sweet potato (well, yam). I added a touch of salt and a tiny dab of butter for added richness, and blended it up into a warming, soothing, velvety, delicious dinner. I ordered a four-pack directly from their site, and will continue to do so. I know I should try some other flavors, but really, this one is perfect! And it is so versatile! Steam rice, add broth, grate fresh turmeric and ginger, toss in a few veggies, and voila! A simple, hearty meal that hopefully can add to your journey towards well-being.

FOND Bone Broth Tonics Liquid Light (Chicken) ReviewFOND Bone Broth Tonics Liquid Light (Chicken) ReviewFOND Bone Broth Tonics Liquid Light (Chicken) Review
Caroline H.
United States United States

Great for Sipping

I will sip this as mid morning snack

Kyra W.
United States United States

Love this Bone Broth

All the different flavors are delicious. I had tried each one and they taste great. I drink one daily to help w/ digestion. Highly recommend!