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A Fresh Feel for FOND!

A Fresh Feel for FOND!

There’s something incredible that happens when you get a group of creatives together; it’s like one part mastery, two parts risk and a lime-twist of mania dusted around the rim with that twinkle of an eye. That’s how we feel about our new look: it’s just magical. It is fresh, and fun, charming and transparent and most of all it is FOND.

With the creative branding of Helms Workshop our new labels now SHOW our commitment excellence, transparency, hospitality and charm. Helms masterfully lead the brand through a million decisions and we were enchanted with the work of local Austin artist, Abi Daniel, whose illustrations showcase our unique flavor combinations. We absolutely cherish them and we know our customers will love them just as much.

We feel like for the first time in the three year history of our brand, we’re showing our true colors to the world! We’re not a “healthy” product that you have to convince yourself you like. We’re not an indulgence that you’ll feel guilty about later. Our products are handcrafted to nourish and delight.

Our bone broth tonics are truly wellness well-made, inside the jar and out.

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