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How to Choose Between Chicken and Beef Bone Broth.

How to Choose Between Chicken and Beef Bone Broth.

When it comes to choosing between chicken and beef bone broth, you may be wondering a few things, like:

  • Is there a difference between chicken and beef bone broth?
  • Do the health benefits vary?
  • Which one is right for me?

Today we’re answering all of your questions, so you can make the best decision for yourself.

What is the difference between chicken and beef bone broth?

First, let’s state the obvious: they do come from two different animals! But, the cooking process is the same for both, with our pasture-raised chicken bones and grass-fed beef bones left to simmer for 18+ hours, then infused with our fresh, organic herbs. This method of a low and slow simmer draws out the most nutrients, resulting in a truly nourishing final product.

Do the health benefits vary between chicken and beef bone broth?

In short, yes and no! While both chicken and beef bones provide a healthy amount of collagen, the types and amount of collagen varies. And with those different types of collagen come different benefits. Chicken and beef broth also have different concentrations of some other nutrients as well. 

Chicken Bone Broth

Consider chicken your choice to heal and seal the gut, though both chicken and beef contain amino acids and nutrients that support gut health. As far as collagen content is concerned, chicken bones do offer less than beef, but they also offer a different type. Chicken bones are predominantly type II collagen, which is great for joints/cartilage. It’s also key for the immune system and digestive support, especially for healing and sealing the gut lining.

When you use chicken feet in your broth (like we do here at FOND!) you end up with bone broth that’s slightly higher in protein than beef. Using the feet lends more collagen, too! Though beef still has more collagen overall, thanks to its denser, heavier bones. 

Chicken bone broth is also a little easier to digest than beef, though bone broth as a whole is easy to digest due to the low and slow simmering process.

Beef Bone Broth

Beef bones are more dense than chicken bones, which yields a higher concentration of minerals and collagen compared to chicken. The high concentration of minerals may help boost energy levels and provide extra nourishment.

Consider beef your natural botox, Since it’s filled with type III collagen that’s great for skin health. Type III collagen is found in connective tissues like skin, lungs, uterus, intestines, and the vascular system. It gives skin its firmness/resilience and also forms your blood vessels and cardiovascular tissues. Beef also contains type I collagen, which is the most abundant type of collagen in the body.

Beef also has a more balanced omega-3: omega-6 ratio when compared to chicken. While we need both types of fatty acids, omega-6s are inflammatory when consumed in excess. Most of us eat omega-6 fats in abundance and not nearly enough omega-3s. If this is of particular concern for you, beef is the better option for you. 

Which one is right for me?

Is it cheating if we say both? The truth is, the answer truly depends on your own goals and your needs. The best option is a combination of both, since they both provide different nutrients and flavors. 

If you’re interested in healing your gut, make sure that you’re incorporating chicken broth. If you’re most concerned about skin health, make sure beef is in the mix too. But at the end of the day, either type is going to impart some serious benefits.  

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy both and get the best of both animals in your diet! It’s a win-win.

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