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Beyond the Jar: How FOND Raises the Bar on Bone Broth Quality

Beyond the Jar: How FOND Raises the Bar on Bone Broth Quality

If you’ve tried our bone broth, you know that our jars are works of art. But once you take your first sip or use FOND in your first recipe, you realize there’s more than meets the eye. 

Ever wonder how our bone broth tastes so rich, smooth, savory, and downright crave-able? It’s all in the (traditional) process. 

How FOND raises the jar:

The nutrient-dense difference

For every 40 lbs of water, we use 40 lbs of pasture-raised beef or chicken bones (a 1:1 ratio). Most companies settle for the USDA requirement of one part bones to 135 parts water (a 135:1 ratio!), but the result is watered-down, low-nutrient liquid that doesn’t even resemble bone broth. We’re here for healing, not shortcuts.

Artisan process

We start our broth from scratch, with bones and water, just like you would at home. Sadly, this isn’t the case for most store-bought broth, which is made of rehydrated concentrates or powders. Our traditional process is one of the reasons that our broth has such a beautifully colored, clear consistency.

Slow-simmered for 18 hours

This longer cooking time allows us to draw out all the trace minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients from the bones. If broth is only left to cook for a few hours, it will more closely resemble cooking stock than healing bone broth. 

Plastic and aluminum-free

From brew to (glass) jar, there’s no plastic or aluminum leaching here. We are careful to use stainless steel cooking tools and pots for our brew and glass jars with stainless steel lids for our liquid nourishment. 

Curated herb infusions

We combine nourishing food as medicine herbs for extra benefits. For example, our Turmeric & Black Pepper broth features both anti-inflammatory turmeric and fresh cracked black pepper, since black pepper increases the absorption of turmeric by 2000%. These synergistic infusions allow us to make foundational foods that are truly food-as-medicine. 

Verified regenerative

All of our broth is verified regenerative through Land to Market, meaning you’re contributing to carbon sequestration, improved soil health, and increased biodiversity with every jar you sip or saute. Our broth is for people and pastures. And supporting the earth one sip and saute at the time certainly tastes good, too.


Most people have never tried bone broth that actually tastes delicious, but FOND does. All of the ways that we raise the jar result in unparalleled flavor and nutrient-density. Take one sip and you’ll see what we mean! 

    In the end, you get a jar of savory, gut-nourishing, absolutely delicious bone broth, a fundamentally different foundational product from the rest. Just one sip or saute and you can taste that we never cut corners. We prefer the beauty of the scenic route. 

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