Dietitian Confessions: My Journey with Bone Broth

By Sam Presicci, MCN, RD, LD, CPT

Even as FOND's in-house RD (and Director of Marketing!), I used to struggle to drink bone broth every day. I would use a big 12-inch pan and found that it took a while to heat, was super heavy, and a total mess to pour. 

Sometimes, I'd lose half the jar of FOND (a PRECIOUS commodity) just pouring the broth from the pan into my mug. It was frustrating, and it meant that, at best, I drank bone broth a few times a week. I knew that I’d feel better if I was more consistent, but I wasn’t sure how to bridge the gap.

So off I went in search of the smallest pot I could find - one that would fit a full jar of FOND, but was still compact enough to easily warm and pour my broth. And after a few weeks of searching, I found the Made In Butter Warmer

Although it may seem a bit silly to have a pot just for your bone broth, it's actually the way I was able to take my consumption from sporadic to daily ritual. 

It was as simple as choosing a time of day (for me, it’s first thing in the morning!), finding the perfect bone broth pot, and having FOND to drink (my taste buds and body truly crave it).

I loved the butter warmer (or broth warmer, as we call it!) so much that I told the entire FOND team about it, and before long we decided to carry it on our website.

Plus, the broth warmer is great for heating up tons of other things too, from soup to leftover coffee to actual butter. 

Here’s how I created my new routine:

    • I chose a consistent time of day - for me, it’s a full jar first thing in the morning. For you, it might be ½ a jar to replace your coffee, or as a nightcap. There’s no wrong answer!
    • I found the perfect way to heat my broth - for me, it’s the Made In Broth Warmer
    • I have a few go-to mugs that fit a full jar of FOND. My favorites are from Yeti and No Crumbs Left Pottery!
    • I always have FOND on hand to drink - my taste buds and my body truly crave it, and I love sipping it like tea. I’ve tried every other brand out there, and FOND has been my favorite since I discovered it in 2018.

I truly can't say enough about having a ritual around your FOND; a go-to mug, go-to broth warmer, a certain time of day. It all helps you stay consistent and truly see results.

Since taking my broth from intermittent to daily ritual, I’ve seen positive changes in my hair and nails (they are both much stronger!), joint health (less random joint pain), and overall digestion.

Want to implement another habit, but struggling to follow through and make them stick? Not to worry! I’m sharing my favorite strategies below:

    • Batch new habits with existing ones. If you are wanting to drink a glass of water or a mug of bone broth in the morning, pair those habits with something you already do. An example might be drinking the water before you have your daily cup of coffee. 
    • Be consistent. This is one of the hardest parts about a new habit, but it’s crucial! When you’re just starting something new, you’re literally rewiring the neural circuitry of your brain. You cannot do that unless you repeat the behavior on a continued basis.
    • Imagine your future self. When you’re struggling to be consistent or implement a new habit, think about how your future self will feel. This can be future you five minutes from now, or even a month down the road. Future you is almost always happy that you implemented the healthy habit!
    • Don’t be afraid to use a little tough love. Often, the last thing you’ll want to do is the new habit you’re aiming to implement. Whether you’re wanting to prepare food on Sundays, go for a morning walk, or tidy the house on a certain day each week, chances are that sometimes you’ll have to force yourself to do it. This is normal! The key is following through and doing the thing you don’t really want to do at that moment. It gets easier as you go!