How much and how often you should be drinking bone broth

By Amy Cole

Bone broth is GREAT to add to your day to day routine for its many benefits. But where do you start? How much should you sip? When should you sip? Does quantity or frequency matter more? Here's a hint...these answers change depending on what your goal is.

So let's cut to the chase and get down to it!

How much bone broth should you be sipping?

For general health + wellness:

Bone broth is known for a lot of benefits ranging from gut health to weight maintenance to skin care. If you're not drinking bone broth for a specific reason but more so just to add more nutrients to your daily regime, then this if for you.

We suggest drinking 5oz per serving to start if you are just beginning to sip on broth.

As you begin to drink broth more often, you may up your intake to 8oz per serving if you choose.

For best results we do suggest DAILY consumption. However, if your budget or lifestyle doesn't allow it, at least do it 3x a week.

For weight gain + muscle mass:

If you find it difficult to eat enough protein during the day, then drinking bone broth is a great way to supplement as it is high in protein content. Bone broth "contains a full spectrum of amino acids – even the 9 essential amino acids your body can’t make on its own."

We suggest drinking 2-6 cups of bone broth in addition to your protein at meals.

For gut health + inflammation:

The gelatin and amino acids in bone broth are excellent for sealing and healing your gut. Together, they can help heal gut issues such as leaky gut syndrome.

We suggest drinking 2 cups of bone broth per day.

For hair, skin + nails:

Collagen has gained popularity in the last few years for its many benefits. Did you know bone broth is packed full of it? Maintain your youthful glow and shiny hair by drinking bone broth every day.

We suggest drinking 2-4 cups of bone broth every day to improve and maintain skin hydration, elasticity, and hair and nail strength.

For joint pain:

Joint pain results from overuse, inflammation, and sometimes more serious causes like disease. Bone broth may not fully heal joint pain, but it will definitely help it. According to Natural Force, "Methionine, an essential amino acid found in bone broth, can help maintain and form new cartilage, the connective tissue that protects your joints. Methionine in therapeutic doses can even help alleviate pain from rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that causes your body to attack your joint tissue."

We suggest drinking 2-4 cups of bone broth per day.

How often should you sip on broth?

The most important thing about drinking bone broth is staying consistent. Drinking bone broth daily will have a much bigger effect than drinking sporadically.

We recommend 2-3 times per day every day. First thing in the morning, once in the afternoon between 2-4pm and lastly either while making dinner or as a night cap between 8-9pm.

A few more tips to note:

  • If you are getting ready for any type of surgery, increasing bone broth consumption before surgery & after surgery is beneficial for optimal healing.
  • If you're also experiencing an increase in stress, you may find increasing your bone broth intake to be beneficial. Stress is super taxing on the digestive system & your gut needs extra support during these times.
  • Don't be discouraged if you either cannot afford to sip 3 times a day or you think it's unrealistic, simply start with once a day because consistency is more important than volume.

Still unsure? Here's what one customer had to say about drinking bone broth:

"I've been drinking 5oz of this broth every morning for 6 months now and I feel absolutely amazing. I previously had digestive issues and had a LINX surgery a little over a year ago. I haven't felt healthy or back to normal until introducing this in my life, so thank you!! πŸ₯‚"


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