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Repurposing FOND Jars

Repurposing FOND Jars

Let's get crafty! Buying bone broth in glass is better for you AND better for the environment. But what do you do with all those Mason Jars?!

Before tossing those beautiful glass jars, look at how FOND Fans are using their jars in real life! Have a girls night and make a craft together. Invite your kids to join along. Or just have some "me time" and enjoy a relaxing evening using your hands to create something new.

Check out a few of our favorite ways to repurpose our mason jars below:

Mason Jar Flower Vase - by Leah W.

Flowers in a FOND bone broth mason jar

Brighten up your home with fresh florals! Using FOND mason jars as a flower vase is the easiest way to reuse them.

Whether you pick your flowers on a family walk or grab them from the grocery store, fresh blooms are a sure way to bring joy into your homes.

Pro-tip: Don't forget to cut your flower stems at an angle so that they are able to absorb the most amount of water.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser - by Esther E.

fond mason jar turned into soap dispenser

One of the easier ways to reuse a mason jar is to turn one into a soap dispenser. We turned one of our old jars into a soap dispenser for the can, of course, remove the label and go for a clean and classic look for your home.

Just search "mason jar soap dispenser lid" on Amazon and find a lid that fits your style! Be sure to make sure you choose the right lid for the type of soap you have (foam soap vs. regular hand soap).

Once your lids of choice arrive, simply open the packaging and swap out your lid with your new dispenser, fill the mason jar with your soap, and done! Display by all of your sinks and your guests will be in awe of how cute these little pumps are.⠀

Mason Jar Candle - by Jacob C.

fond mason jar turned into a candle

A DIY candle is a great option for a fun craft but one that takes a little more time and work! This is perfect for couples or families to do together and then turn around and gift them to others.

Check out this YouTube video on making natural candles at home!

Mason Jar Food Storage - by Alysa S.

There are SO many benefits of storing things in glass over plastic containers:

  1. Glass is safer than plastic! Chemicals from plastic containers may migrate from the plastic into your food. This commonly occurs when hot food is put into a plastic or during microwave heating. Glass containers don't leak unwanted chemicals and are safe to use over and over.
  2. Glass is better for the environment. Going plastic-free helps to reduce waste that ends up in our water streams and reduces toxins released into our air.
  3. Glass is multifunctional. You can not only store food in glass, but it is safe to heat up food in glass containers. Don't forget, you cannot microwave our jars with the labels still on them because the gold foil will cause sparks to fly! Remove the label before heating your jars in the microwave.

Mason Jar Bacon Grease Storage - by Jordan S. 

I'm looking at you Keto and Carnivore friends! (And anyone who just loveeessss bacon 🥓) We love storing our leftover bacon grease in a mason jar and leaving it handy at the stove so that we can reuse the grease when cooking meals at a later time.

Remember, storing the bacon grease on the counter - at room temperature - will mean the bacon grease is only good for a month. After 30 days it will start to go rancid. Add a piece of tape to the top of the lid and write the expiration date on the top!

Mason Jar Drinking Glasses - by Amy C.

fond mason jar used as drinking glass

Let's face it, drinking out of glass mason jars is not only cute but we are convinced our drinks taste better too! Just remove the label, add a cute lid like this stainless steel lid/straw combo and you are good to go!

Mason Jar School/Office Supply Storage - by Nicole P.


Use your mason jars for at home office or school supply storage! With everyone seeming to have a virtual office these days, mason jars make excellent storage for pencils, colored pencils, pens, paper clips, Sharpies and more. 

These are just a few to start! Do you have a fun way of repurposing your mason jars? Post a photo on social and tag @FONDBoneBroth for a chance to be featured!

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