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Egg Drop Bone Broth Soup

Egg Drop Bone Broth Soup

If meat is the mainstay of your meals these days. We have a delicious carnivore recipe using our bone broth Youth Tonic that is perfect for you! Because FOND Bone Broth's flavoring method is like a big tea bag, we're imparting the FLAVOR of these veggies and herbs and not cooking them IN the bone broth for hours and hours. We're not using powdered veggies that will be in the broth you're drinking. We like to think we're the perfect blend of flavor without the anti-nutrients. 

Our favorite and indeed frequent breakfast around here is egg drop soup in Youth Tonic with fish sauce. The eggs are deliciously silky and the fish sauce adds a potassium and a varied amino acids since our bone broth is chicken. Here's how to make it:




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