Grinchiladas with Bone Broth

Meet my Grinchiladas! This is a recipe I’ve developed with love over 8 years and it gets better each time. It’s a nourishing and festive meal we eat on Christmas Eve.

What makes these enchiladas special?

1. Cassava tortillas from Siete Foods make this recipe grain free!

2. The bone broth poblano cream sauce is an amazing combination of Nopalito and Spring Clean.

3. Dairy free substitutions work really well in this recipe, just make sure there’s not any vanilla or flavoring in the substitutions.

4. The depth of flavor is incredible, because of the small step of blistering the poblanos, a trick I learned from Chef Rick Bayless when I was first learning to cook for my family.

Some notes before you begin:

This recipe is easier if your chicken is shredded beforehand, if your cheese is shredded, your red bell peppers are diced and if your cilantro is chopped. There is enough fuss with blistering the poblanos and warming the tortillas that you do not need to worry about the other things as well. It just makes the time go more smoothly.

If you do not have a large casserole dish, use a medium and a small. You will need to make sure you use the sauce and cheese/peppers over both pans. Aim for 12 tortillas in the large pan and 6 in the small. Again this recipe is very forgiving so do not worry if you have 7 in one and 11 in the other.