Nourishing Macaroni and Cheese with Bone Broth and Smoked Salmon

Grab that blue box and instead of milk or yogurt, use FOND bone broth Spring Clean to make the cheese sauce. Your kids won’t even know it’s good for them! 

1 box of organic macaroni and cheese made with grass fed milk
3 TB FOND Bone Broth’s Spring Clean
4 oz grated cheddar cheese
8oz of smoked salmon (sugar free)

Cook the pasta according to the directions on the box - don’t overdo it! While the pasta is draining, using the same pot put the bone broth and cheese packet together whisking on low until well combined. Add the cheese and more bone broth if you need to. Once it is well mixed add ½ the pasta and ½ thee smoked salmon. Then repeat mixing thoroughly. 

Serve with steamed broccoli. 

Young boy eats macaroni and cheese at the dinner table made with FOND bone broth.