One Pot White Bean, Leek and Sausage Bone Broth Soup

I love having a good soup that is hearty enough to be served as a meal to my husband and four growing boys. This soup is filling and light and is delicious served year round! It does require a BIT of preparation (you’ll need to soak the beans the night before). Soaking the beans the night before makes them easier to digest (no toots!). You can do this in water if you do not want to soak them in bone broth.

One Pot White Bean, Leek and Sausage Bone Broth Soup

Serves 6 - 8


  • 2 carrots diced
  • 3 celery stalks diced
  • 1 C White North Beans soaked overnight 
  • 3 Jars FOND Bone Broth Mother’s
  • 2 leeks, cleaned and trimmed
  • 1 lb sugar-free Kiolbassa sausage sliced into coins 

Start the night before rinsing the beans and pouring them into a clean glass jar. Pour FOND Bone Broth Mother’s over the beans and refrigerate. After soaking for at least 12 hours, 24 is ideal, pour the beans into a large cooking pot with bone broth, carrots, celery and leeks and sausage coins. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 1 or until the beans are cooked through. Adding water as necessary to the soup as some liquid will boil out. 

Season with salt and pepper and serve! 

Keto/Paleo? Sub chopped cauliflower for beans and reduce the simmer time to 30 minutes.