Trader Joe's Ramen Hack

Bone Broth Ramen

Can ramen truly be healthy? You bet your bones it can! This delicious Bone Broth Ramen couldn't be easier to make. It's the perfect recipe for a rainy day, and is easily duplicated to make enough for two or for twenty! We use Trader Joe's Ramen here, but you can use any that is your favorite. We've included the nutrition facts for this recipe below but be aware, because this recipe's nutrition facts very tremendously based upon the ramen you use yours could be different.


Serves 2 | Cal 472 | Fat 6.1 | Carbs 19 | Protein 12.1 | Vitamin D 32 mcg (162%) | Iron 2mg (9%)

You'll Need:

Trader Joe's Chicken Ramen
2 Jammy Eggs (best fool-proof recipe here)



Optional ingredients include black sesame seeds, scallions, shiitake mushrooms, rotisserie chicken, pork belly, beef brisket, skys the limit!


Start by cooking your noodles and jammy eggs according to package instructions. Transfer noodles to bowls and put the bone broth in the saucepan, bring to a simmer. While the bone broth is heating, peel the jammy eggs. Slice in two and arrange in a bowl with herbs and fixins. Once the bone broth has come to boil, reduce heat to a simmer and add the seasoning packet, stir until blended and then pour over the prepared bowls. If not using a flavoring packet, you can skip this step and just pour the bone broth over the prepared bowls and serve!