Meet Nopalito!

By Amy Cole

The Nopal cactus may be familiar to us as the prickly pear cactus we see all around! While prickly pears are beloved and used in juices and cocktails etc, most of us don’t know that the actual cactus itself is excellent in many dishes! Pair it with the Habanero Pepper and Cilantro, and you have a powerful Southwestern bone broth that exudes many great health benefits. Check them out below.


It’s been said the habanero pepper has a Napoleon complex. We add just enough to give you a little burn, but is there more in that spice than meets the taste bud? The capsaicin (spice factor) in habaneros stimulates the increase of the insulin-like growth factor IGF-I which reduces blood pressure. Capsaicin increases thermogenesis (body temperature) increasing the metabolism increasing the rate at which you burn calories.


Researchers have found that cilantro may provide health benefits in the form of reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and seizure severity, as well as raising energy levels and healthy hair and skin. Plus its just plain delicious!

Dodecanal - the compound found in cilantro leaves and seeds has been proven to be twice as effective as medical-grade antibiotics. It is also used widely for detoxing of heavy metals.

A growing body of evidence also suggests that cilantro may be useful as a remedy for pain and inflammation.


Nopales have a range of benefits. For one, Nopales have antiviral properties and could fight viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus.

Second, nopales may provide a complementary solution to regulating blood sugar for people with diabetes. Some research indicates that nopal cactus can decrease and regulate blood sugar.


We love using ALL STAR ingredients to make our bone broth even more delicious. Wellness well made!

Looking for a delicious recipe to try out with Nopalito? We recommend our fan favorite, Caldo de Pollo! This delicious chicken soup is full of veggies, flavor, and health benefits galore.

Bowl of Southwestern Chicken Soup (Caldo de Pollo)

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