Sip, Sip, Hooray!

By Alysa Seeland

FOND Bone Broth Warming Recipe

Here’s how to warm up FOND Bone Broth for maximum flavor! We recommend you always use a stovetop instead of a microwave. If you do not have access to a stovetop and saucepan (at the office for example), please transfer FOND to a microwave SAFE mug, FOND Bone Broth jars have gold foil on them and are NOT microwave safe. 

Now, onto the magic: 

  • Start by shaking the glass jar, it is normal for spices to settle since we use no artificial separators in our bone broth!
  • Next, pour 5oz (about ⅓ of the jar into the pan) a little goes a long way! If you are breaking a fast, you may choose to do 8 oz (½ the jar).
  • Warm on medium heat until the bone broth starts to simmer (1 min and 30 seconds exactly in our gas stove, your cook time may vary). A simmer is when small bubbles start appearing on the outside of the saucepan, do not boil!
  • Turn off the heat and pour into your favorite mug.

Bonus: add a pat of grassfed butter or a TBS of MCT oil

For MAXIMUM benefit drink 5oz daily first thing in the morning after a glass of lemon water, or ACV if you prefer, but before you eat anything.  Consider this your face-lift for the gut.