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Taking Bone Broth from "Have-To" to Habit

Taking Bone Broth from "Have-To" to Habit

Let's face it. It can be quite challenging to stick to new habits, to add something different to your routine. We are creatures of habit.

Sticking to a new habit isn't easy or fun if it's something boring or bland.

That's why we flavored FOND with real, whole food infusions!

FOND puts an end to bland bone broth with flavors so delicious and invigorating you'll quickly develop a favorite.

Thankfully over the last 5 years, I've learned four key pointers to help make bone broth something you look forward to every day. Let's check those out below.

First, drink your bone broth in your favorite mug.

Yes, I'm serious. Visit Anthro, West Elm, grab a Miir Mug, or venture to your local Goodwill and find that perfect mug to drink your bone broth in. It makes a difference to have something dedicated, even special, set aside for one purpose. One customer even has a mug, saucepan and stirring spoon dedicated to her morning FOND.

Secondly, keep a journal.

Open Notes on your phone or grab a cute Rifle Paper Co journal, Moleskine journal, whatever works for you. Jot down outcomes you want to get from drinking your broth. Maybe it's improving your skin? Seeing hair growth? Improving workout recovery? Lessen inflammation and joint pain? Keep a running record of how you feel after drinking it, and watch how much changes after 30 days. You'll be truly amazed!

Third, pick a time and stick with it for 30 days.

Using a cue like time of day, makes a habit easier to stick. In the Fall and Winter, I want my warm bone broth first thing in the morning. In the Spring and Summer, I find I enjoy it as a night cap. Whenever it is, stick with the same time for at least 30 days before changing things up. Consistent, little movements, repeated daily will easily turn "have-to" into "habit".

Lastly, replace water in your recipes with FOND.

It's simple and delicious to swap out the liquid in your recipes with bone broth instead! You'll be fond of the amazing flavor it adds. Plus you'll be adding extra minerals and nutrients to your meals. It's a win-win.

To conclude, if you're struggling to make bone broth part of your daily ritual, give these 4 simple steps a try. They just might turn your occasional cup of broth into a daily habit and soon you'll discover the powerful benefits bone broth has to offer your body. And you won't be disappointed.

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