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The Meat Mafia, Carnivore, and Bone Broth

The Meat Mafia, Carnivore, and Bone Broth

It was such a privilege to be invited on the The Meat Mafia Podcast. Brett and Harry and I share the same mission--to provide people with the information and tools they need to become healthy again.

We are also advocates and supporters of the regenerative agriculture movement. While we know the solution to our health, food, and soil crisis will take time, we also know there are small, yet vital, changes we can all make when we support regenerative agriculture with the the dollars we spend.

I was excited to share the work FOND is doing to support regenerative farmers as well as work we've done to bring the healthiest bone broth to market for all lifestyles and ways of eating.

Our newest REGENERATIVELY-SOURCED Chicken Bone Broth fits into every lifestyle, meal, and mug. 

Get Your Chicken Bone Broth

Made from just bones, water, and salt. No added flavor from vegetables, herbs, or spices so carnivores can sip to their heart's delight or add this to any meal.
  • Carnivore Compliant
  • Regeneratively-sourced
  • Sustainably-packaged
  • Lower sodium
  • 24 ounces per jar
  • Sold in 4-packs


"We've been huge fans of bone broth the last few months. It's really fueled our carnivore journey. Bone broth is incredibly nourishing especially on a carnivore, animal-based diet. What's great about FOND is that they're a very simple, pure product--boiled bones, water, salt--perfect for any elimination diet." - Brett Sollozo, The Meat Mafia

FOND Bone Broth is here to support you and your lifestyle too. As Brett said, bone broth is an incredibly nourishing food, and we are proud to provide the healthiest bone broth on the market. 

Alysa Seeland
Founder and CEO of FOND Bone Broth

P.S. You can watch my interview with The Meat Mafia here.

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